Survivor 41 premiere: Sara Wilson, Eric Abraham voted out

SurvivorTonight on the premiere of Survivor 41 we saw a lot of great things, whether it be a fantastic new editing style, a ton of twists, or a double elimination.

So who was sent out during that Double Elimination? There was a lot of important stuff that transpired leading up to that…

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At the immunity challenge the Yase and Yuvu tribes each found themselves in an unfortunate position; they lost! Because of that, they have to now determine the right path forward.

Here’s where things got a little bit of crazy: Xander and JD each got extra votes as a rest of the Beware Advantage trip a little bit earlier in the day. Meanwhile, there was also the Shot in the Dark twist, which allowed a player a one-in-six chance to stay, even if they lose their vote in the process.

Let’s break down now who went out of the game from each tribe.

Yase – This was really a debate between alliances and physical strength and, in this case, physical strength lost. Evvie got what she wanted — she was desperate to keep some of her numbers together and she viewed Tiffany as someone she could work with down the road.

Luvu – The decision here was a little bit different. Sara struggled in the puzzle and, because of that, she was viewed as a weak link. However, JD rubbed people the wrong way and not everyone trusted his Beware Advantage story, and Brad seemed at one point like a target! Yet, it was Sara who found herself the first person out.

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