Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 promo: Pressure from the police

Animal KingdomNext week’s Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 12 is the penultimate one of the season, so it shouldn’t be a shock that things are only going to get worse for the Cody Boys. The primary question to wonder is just how bad are they going to get.

For a first look into some of the big stories ahead, just take a look at the promo below! The guys are short on cash, and they’re also running short on options. They’re facing one of the biggest heists they’ve ever done and there may be no other way to improve their situation other than completing it.

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One of the biggest problems the guys seem to be facing at present is rather simple: Chadwick the cop. This is a guy who was responsible for killing the DEA agent. He resolved one of the biggest problems for the guy but in turn, another one arose almost immediately. They have to pay him off! If they don’t, they run the risk of having some even bigger issues. There’s also a problem courtesy of authorities scoping out Deran’s bar and at the moment, it’s not altogether clear what they’re going to find there.

The problem with the aforementioned heist is the sheer size and scope of it. If you saw the end of last night’s episode, they’re basically at a shipping yard now trying to find a metaphorical needle in a haystack. This is not going to be anywhere near as easy as they once thought or assumed.

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