‘American Idol’ notes: Stefano, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson

StefanoNow that we have moved forward a bit following the both sad and surprising news surrounding Kris Allen, the rest of our “American Idol” notes for the day are going to focus on something a little bit more related to all forms of entertainment.

Hear Stefano’s single – With that in mind, it only seems appropriate that we would kick things off here with, as promised, the new single from season 10 alum Stefano Langone (who has dropped his last name as a performer). The song here is entitled “Yes To Love,” and it a nice little slice of pop that could, with the right promotion, because a modest hit on the charts. Lyrically, we’re not really sure that this is anything different than any pop ballad that has been released over the past ten years; however, there is a pretty nice hook, and few pop singers have the same kind of voice that Stefano does. The notes at the end? Let’s just say that they are the kind that you want to throw your hands in the air in celebration of.

Stefano is saying on Twitter that there an even better version of this song coming out, and it will be released on February 12. Stay tuned for more on that.

Russell Crowe responds to Adam Lambert – We’re not surprised that the story regarding Adam’s comments about “Les Miserables” blew up, mostly because it was a slow news week and the tabloids needed something to sensationalize. He never said that the acting was terrible or that the movie was worthy of the “slam” that he supposedly gave it. Instead, he just offered up an opinion about how he was not a huge fan of the vocals being recorded while the movie was actually being shot, which was a choice from director Tom Hooper.

Rather than making this story into something more than it is (which the tabloids will probably be trying to do any second now regardless), Russell Crowe actually responded to a question on Twitter about it rather diplomatically (which shows how much Crowe himself has matured over the years):

“I don’t disagree with Adam,sure it could have been sweetened, Hooper wanted it raw and real, that’s how it is.”

The inevitable commercial – You knew this was coming, right? You can check out Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson’s new Weight Watchers commercial below.

If you want to see a New Year’s Eve moment courtesy of Adam, be sure to visit our “American Idol” notes article over here.

Photo: Fox

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