Survivor 41 spotlight: Will teacher Tiffany Seely be a darkhorse?

Tiffany Seely, Survivor 41Tiffany Seely is the subject today of our penultimate Survivor 41 spotlight, and just from her bio alone there’s a lot to like here. She’s loud, opinionated, and she wants to have a nuanced approach to the game. She’s also a teacher, and that profession alone tends to require a certain degree of patience. She can entertain some of the other players’ ridiculous ideas while simultaneously plotting their demise after the fact.

So what are some of Tiffany’s strengths and weaknesses entering Wednesday’s premiere? There are a few more things well worth breaking down here.

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What stands out about her – Tiffany 47 years old, from New York, and also a mother of two boys. She’s got a lot of life experience that she’s looking to bring to the game, and her gameplay seems to be based on loyalty, competitiveness, and also making sure she endears herself to other players. She feels like someone who is going to play hard, but also someone who won’t be as deceiving as some other people out there. (That’s just our own assumption based on what we’re reading about her.) People in the game are probably going to like her, and that could help if the going gets tough early on.

What could hold her back? – She’s inevitably not going to be the most physical person out there and there’s a chance that could hurt her early on in the game. Also, we do wonder if she’ll be able to hold back if someone on her tribe says something that she doesn’t care for. Opinionated players can make for fun television, but it doesn’t always yield itself to sticking around the game in the long-term.

Our personal pre-season assessment

If Tiffany can make it past the first few tribal councils, we think that she should be fine. The early part of the game will be her big stumbling block. She needs to find an alliance early on that she can contribute to and prove her loyalty. It’d almost be a good thing for her to go to tribal the first couple of weeks so everyone knows where she stands. If she can make it to a potential tribe swap, there’s a good chance she could go far.

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