Big Brother 23: Was Tiffany Mitchell evicted at start of Double Eviction?

Before tonight’s Big Brother 23 revs into high gear, there’s another question to wonder: Is Tiffany Mitchell getting evicted?

In our mind there’s almost no doubt that Tiffany is one of the stars of the season. She’s an architect of not just the Cookout, but the plan to get them as far into the game as possible. She had a huge personality and was unafraid to make moves and stir things up. She was hilarious at times in the Diary Room and we always appreciated her level of honesty. If there was one flaw in her game, it’s that going to the final six with the Cookout was actually not the best thing for her chances to win. Whether it be Derek X., Christian, or Claire leaving on her own HoH reign, she lost a number of people who would’ve been really loyal to her.

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The moment that Kyland won the Power of Veto this week it looked like Tiffany was going to be a goner. She fought hard with her campaign, but we didn’t really get the sense that anyone was changing their mind. We just have to see what happens during the show tonight. (Be sure to refresh for some more updates.)

Let’s get to the eviction

It took a long time for this to happen! Yet, in the end Tiffany was gone from the house — she fought hard and we’ve got nothing but respect for her. We also wouldn’t be shocked in the event that we see her back on another season.

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Was Tiffany Mitchell your favorite houseguest on Big Brother 23?

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