Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet Sara Wilson, consultant and MIT alum

Sara Wilson, Survivor 41We always love watching Survivor players who come into the game with a secret. There’s just that added layer of intensity to what they do! Not only are they trying to fight to win the game, but also preserve something that they’re keeping from others in fear of how they’ll be perceived.

This is going to be a case for Sara Wilson. She’s saying already that she wants to keep her MIT credentials under wraps within the game, and instead play in a way that mirrors what Kim Spradlin was able to do. If she can build the same social relationships that Kim did and still find a way to control every vote, she could be a really successful player! Of course, doing this is so much easier said than done.

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What stands out about her – Sara is 24 years old, lives in Boston, and works as a healthcare consultant. We’ve already brought up her past education, and she’s hoping that in hiding it, she can catch people off guard and be underestimated in the early going.

When you read over Sara’s bio, it does feel like she’s one of those people who thinks she has all the central components to being a good player — she knows what she wants to do in the game, believes she’s physically strong enough to do well in challenges, and she also touts her ability to be resilient. (We know she compares herself to Kim, but we actually get a lot of Candice vibes from her going into the game.)

What could hold her back? – Sara says that uncleanliness, loud chewing, and crude humor are her pet peeves and unfortunately, a lot of those exist out in Survivor! We think that she’ll need to be flexible and also temper some of her frustrations while out playing the game. We do think she’s prepared for it, but this is a season that could destroy a lot of blueprints for what this game is supposed to be.

Our personal pre-season assessment

Sara feels similar to Candice in that she’s a likely mid-jury boot — we think that she’ll be seen as an asset and someone to work with early on, especially if she can come across as trustworthy. We could see her winning immunity once or twice or finding an idol, but we also think it’s going to be really hard for her in the long run to keep the entirety of her game under wraps. People will eventually realize that she’s smart and very capable of winning in the end.

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