‘Southland’ season 5 spoilers: Check out the intense new promo

SouthlandIf there is a crime drama on TV that you should be talking about but probably aren’t, it’s “Southland.” You have some intense cases, a few awesome performances (in particular the frequently-snubbed Regina King), and you have a writing staff that in unafraid to go to the dark, gritty places that some cop “dramas” tend to stay away from.

A high-quality show deserves a high-quality promo, and the folks over at TNT have crafted just that for the upcoming fifth season premiering on February 13. The music itself is particularly haunting, as it chugs along and helps to illustrate the overall point highlighted in the timeline: although times may change in a city like Los Angeles, crime never stops. It’s a sad and inevitable part of society, and you thankfully never get a sense in the teaser that this is being glorified as you get in some other shows that tend to glorify misconduct in some way.

One other thing we very much like here? That rather than being a promo that only appeals to diehard fans, this also is something that could get people who have never seen the show before to watch. Considering that “Southland” has never been a ratings beast since moving to TNT, it could certainly use the help.

As for what is going to unfold for King and the rest of the cast, we’re still more than a month away and the producers are understandably being rather tight-lipped for the time being. However, be sure to keep checking back to the site: as soon as some more information is released from the cast or the creative team, we’ll have it for you here.

What do you think: is “Southland” a show you look forward to checking out every year? If you want to take a look ahead to an upcoming season of another big TNT show in “Dallas,” you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: TNT, video via SpoilerTV

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