‘The Bachelor’ debate: Is Sean Lowe better-equipped to find love than past stars?

Sean Lowe as "The Bachelor"Regardless of whether or not you actually like “The Bachelor,” it’s become a bit of a broken record over the years: debating whether or not this show is a place where people can really find love and ride off into the sunset together. Most couples at least manage to last for a month … but this number falls fast once a year rolls around. Then, this number falls even further when you hit a year. For every Ashley Hebert who ends up tying the knot, you have a good five or six people whose relationships simply do not work out.

While “The Bachelorette” at least has a somewhat-solid track record, “The Bachelor” really has nothing of the sort. There has never been a man on the show to have married the woman he first picked at the end of taping; this is a feat that not even Jason Mesnick could get right at first, and it sets the bar high for Sean Lowe when his program premieres on ABC Monday night.

But does he have the capacity to actually break the trend? This is what we’re hoping for, and the evidence so far at least looks pretty good that he could have a wife when the dust settles.

1. Sean’s a man of virtue – We don’t want to bring religion necessarily into the debate here, but what we do want to point out is that this is a guy who is reasonably conservative, and is thus not going to get caught in some of the same traps as some other “Bachelors” who fall for women visiting their hotel rooms or taking their clothes off.

2. He’s also taken some time – Remember when Ben Flajnik was linked to Jennifer Love Hewitt for a brief span of time after his season? There’s no evidence that Sean has been up to similar shenanigans at all during some of his time away from the show, and has instead tried to settle back in to a normal life.

3. He actually seems genuine – We do not ultimately get the sense that this is a man there just to be famous, and while he may realize that this is a benefit of doing the show, Sean also seems interested in finding love in the process. Let’s just hope that we are right.

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