‘Elementary’ episode 11 preview: Holmes offers Watson an apprenticeship

ElementaryWith the holidays finally coming to a close we are going to be getting some new TV episodes coming back into our homes (hooray!) and even more exciting then that is one of our favorite new shows of the year “Elementary”, starring the very cool Jonny Lee Miller, will be back this Thursday, January 3.

Episodes 11 and 12 are going to be big episodes for Holmes and Watson’s relationship as her time as the detective’s sober companion will be coming to an end.  In the last few episodes they have been setting up the idea that while Watson has enjoyed being a sober companion, that her time with Holmes has really shown her that her heart is in detective work.  On Thursday’s new episode we are going to see Holmes offer Watson an apprenticeship with him, an opportunity that she will likely take (at some point) since we can’t have a show about Sherlock Holmes and no Watson.  We suspect that Watson will have a bit of a struggle with the idea of working under Holmes instead of working with Holmes as we all know how difficult he can be, but their friendship has really developed into something deeper that will likely make her want to stick around.

The one problem that we’ve had with “Elementary” is that it is too episodic and it is getting a little tired watching Holmes be smarter then every villain he encounters.  We want to see the show bring in a big bad to give Holmes a challenge and it looks like CBS may have heard our prayers. In episode 12 they will be introducing “M”, a super criminal that is Holmes arch nemesis from London, who will follow Sherlock to New York.  Why is “M” looking for Holmes?  Well we’ll have to tune in and see.

Check out the new promo below for Thursday’s new episode of “Elementary” and let us know i you plan on tuning in?

Photo: CBS (Source:  Spoiler TV)

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