Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet Heather Aldret, Charleston stay-at-home mom

SurvivorBased on what we’re seeing already from Heather Aldret as a Survivor 41 contestant, we continue to have hope for this season! While we can’t guarantee that she will do super-well on the season she comes across in her bio as passionate, authentic, and someone who wants to play the game hard. We really can’t ask for anything less.

Heather also does something in her bio that we very-much appreciate: Mention a contestant that almost no one else does in comparing herself to them. In her case, it was Chrissy Hofbeck, though she also references Rick Devens, Tina Wesson, and even Lisa Whelchel. She feels self-aware of her casting archetype and where she could fit into the larger game.

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What stands out about her – Heather is a 52-year old stay-at-home mom from Charleston, South Carolina, and it feels like she’s someone who will not hold back at all while playing the game. She claims that she cusses like a sailor but she’s also kind, sociable, and a great listener. A big part of her strategy seems to be to know her fellow castaways backwards and forwards, to make them feel heard and then also valued. She’s going to be willing to make big moves if she has to, but we don’t get the sense that she’ll just be flashy for the heck of it. She’ll probably be looked at as a parental figure because of her age, but it seems like she’s ready for that.

Also, Heather says that she has a “passion for opossums,” and that is probably the first time that we’ve ever heard that from anyone.

What could hold her back? – Given that Heather loves to play tennis she’s probably not going to be a slouch in challenges, but she may still not be on the top end of any tribe she ends up being a part of. We also don’t know if she’s going to be able to restrain herself from speaking her mind — that’s a great attribute to have in life, but it’s often a dangerous thing to have in a game like this. While it may stink, sometimes people don’t always want to listen to what you have to say.

Our personal pre-season assessment

We’re worried that Heather could be gone early on, mostly because we could see her clashing with a couple of cast-mates early on. With that being said, she does have the personality and game style of someone who could make it really far; we hope that if she does play an excellent game that people acknowledge and recognize it. This is something that still frustrates us about the way Chrissy was perceived at her final Tribal.

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