‘The Good Wife’ season 4, episode 11 preview: Michael J. Fox returns

T.R. KnightIf you somehow think that Alicia Florrick has managed somehow to get off easy for much of “The Good Wife” season 4, be prepared for things to get even more difficult for her right away with Sunday night’s new episode “Boom De Ya Da.” It’s a strange title, but perhaps it is better to focus more on who is returning for this episode (Michael J. Fox’s conniving Louis Canning) than trying to understand just what that means.

While there are some circumstances surrounding Canning’s return to face off against Alicia that are still unclear, any time that he turns up typically means that Julianna Margulies’ character is going to be dealing with some unwanted legal trouble. Let’s just hope that somewhere along the lines here, she is able to fend him off considering that her current round of cases may be just what Lockhart Gardner needs in order to save itself from financial peril.

As the image above shows, this is also the episode featuring the arrival of T.R. Knight as a character deeply invested in the world of politics, and they will be someone who is both an asset to Eli along with a major thorn in his side. For us personally, there’s nothing that we see Knight’s arrival as other than a complete and total blessing. It’s really just been too long since the guy has graced the small screen save for an occasional guest spot after “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Want more from “The Good Wife”? Be sure to keep checking back, as we’re going to do our best to have more from Alicia and the rest of the Lockhart Gardner gang moving forward. You can also find out a little bit more about Knight’s character right now, and all you have to do is head over to the link here.

Photo: CBS

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