Blue Bloods season 12: Who should join family dinner next?

Blue Bloods family dinnerThere are few things related to Blue Bloods as consistently memorable as family dinner — we watch for it every week! There are always some fascinating/fun debates, and last season the show played around with it more by bringing different characters to the table more or less throughout. We had Baez at the start of the season, Joe Hill and his mom, and even at one point Jack!

So who else would be interesting as a part of the dinner table? We’ve got a few ideas to pass along within this piece…

Anthony – There’s a good case to be made for this happening. For starters, he and Erin are basically best friends, even if they bicker half of the time. He’s got a great rapport with Danny, strong NYPD connections, and would be an absolute hoot at the table. Make this happen!

Baker, Gormley, or Garrett – One of the challenges with having some of Frank’s inner circle show up is that it’s hard to imagine room for all three of them! Meanwhile, it’d be weird to picture one there without the others. While our preference (if we had to choose just one) would be Baker just because there’s still so much we want to learn about her, imagine all three trying to navigate family-dinner politics?

Officer Witten – Does Eddie ever get to invite a guest? She’s the newbie at the dinner table and it could be fun to see her get somewhat of an ally there, someone else who can understand what it means to be an outsider amidst this enormous family.

D.A. Crawford – Maybe it’s an olive branch? Otherwise, it’s hard to see it since she and Erin are adversaries more than friends. It’d be like Mayor Chase showing up!

Other possibilities – The only logical one we can think of getting a chance to see a new love interest there, whether it be for Danny or another character. There’s always going to be fun with this idea, but so much of the success is based on who that person is.

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Who would you love to see at family dinner entering Blue Bloods season 12?

Share some of your individual thoughts and hopes in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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