Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: New HoH’s nomination plan

Big Brother 23Late last night in the Big Brother 23 house, we had a chance to learn the identity of the new HoH. With that in mind, there are more things to get into today! Take, for example, some of what they are currently planning to do.

If you missed it last night, Kyland ended up getting power yet again! This is his third HoH in the game and from that vantage point, you can argue that he’s built a great competition resume. He does also have an opportunity to take out a big threat this time around, and signs point to that being Tiffany at the moment.

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Why Tiffany? We think that when the chips are down, Kyland knows that Tiffany and Hannah are going to be truer to each other than him. He may recognize that Derek and Azah are also a duo, but they aren’t anywhere near as threatening and are relatively beatable at the end. Tiffany is the person who came up with the entire Cookout strategy and has been the best overall gameplayer this season. Getting her out this week would be a huge move and if not her, Hannah is routinely underrated for her ability to spin narratives and win people over. She’s even done a good job of telling Kyland everything he wants to hear this afternoon, though her indicating that she’s close to Tiffany does her little favors.

Ultimately, the Veto will be what matters the most right now for Kyland — he does also need to consider Xavier as a threat, though he may recognize there are opportunities to battle it out with him later. He probably loses to Xavier in the end, but other than maybe Azah, we don’t think anyone left is THAT loyal to him.

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If you were Kyland on Big Brother 23, what would you choose to do this week?

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