Lucifer series finale: Was ending for Lucifer, Chloe a letdown?

LuciferWe should start off this discussion on the Lucifer series finale with a dose of something obvious: There are huge spoilers ahead. If you have not started to watch the final episode yet, we suggest that you come back once you are officially on the other side of it.

Still with us? All right; let’s discuss a surprising disappointing conclusion to what was otherwise a fantastic series.

Do we understand the need of Lucifer Morningstar to have the ultimately sacrifice? Absolutely, and that is why we more than understand him opting to go to Hell in order to help so many of the lost souls there. That is admirable for a character who has been so inherently selfish. However, there’s also a huge issue: Him never coming back to Earth from the time he left until Chloe eventually died and joined him there.

What was the reasoning behind it? Ultimately, nothing — the show never quite explains why Lucifer was unable to be there for the birth of his daughter Rory or for Chloe’s eventual death. Meanwhile, they also don’t explain why Rory was so clueless in the first place about why Lucifer was gone from her life; wouldn’t Chloe have told her? There were logical leaps that throw all of the ending into total disarray.

All of this is a shame given that there was potential for the show to go in a different direction. Lucifer could have given Tom Ellis’ character a better sense of overall happiness and still have it feel earned. Meanwhile, this show was all about redemption and finding joy; after so many struggles, it would have been nice for these characters to have a somewhat-joyous conclusion to their journey.

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What did you think of the Lucifer series finale, and the way it ended for Lucifer and Chloe?

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