Big Brother 23: Live Double Eviction #1, competition updates!

Big Brother 23Just in case you did not know, tonight marks the first Double Eviction of Big Brother 23There will be another one happening next week, but we’ll cross that particular bridge when we come to it.

The goal of this particular article is pretty simple: Give you a good sense of everything that is going to be happening over the course of this hour. We’re expecting a very-much eventful episode of the show, though a lot of the drama comes down to one thing: Whether Alyssa can win a competition. If she does, the Cookout will have to turn on each other. If she fails, then we’re in a situation where she goes without much fanfare. The only other possibility is that Xavier somehow wins HoH or Veto and does something to help Alyssa, turning his back on his long-term alliance in the process. (That’s a long-shot, but we have to consider it since he’s the only person close to her.)

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Following the first eviction (which will likely be Claire), be sure to check back to this page and refresh throughout the night!

HoH – Hannah won her first competition! It was all about studying words and memory, and she got her first win at the right time.

Nominations – No surprise here. She nominated Alyssa and Xavier, while acting at the same time as though Alyssa was the target. That’s not exactly true.

Veto – Xavier won! This gives Hannah perfect cover, since Alyssa can go without it looking solely like she was the target all along. Kyland was named the replacement nominee after the fact.

Second Eviction – Alyssa was sent out in a 3-1 vote, with Xavier being the only person to cast a vote to save her (likely a sympathy vote).

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