Big Brother 23: Was Claire Rehfuss evicted in eighth place?

Big Brother - ClaireWas Claire Rehfuss evicted on tonight’s Big Brother 23 episode? Going into the installment, it was almost a given this would happen.

There is no denying that on paper, Claire was one of the most intriguing houseguests this season — she knew the game inside and out, and also knew it well enough to recognize that she couldn’t go over-the-top or play too hard. (Basically, not to play like Frenchie.) Unfortunately, she was just unable to recognize the Cookout alliance and put too much trust that she could make it to the end with Tiffany, who ultimately was the person who put her on the block.

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We ultimately view the situation with Claire more as what the Cookout did right as opposed to what she did wrong; on a different season, maybe she would do better — she even made some good points during her campaign! It just wasn’t going to be enough to change things, pending some true last-minute shocker. We’ll update the article as the episode progresses tonight, just in case our jaw does hit the ground. Just don’t get your hopes up since it would take either multiple sympathy votes or a big flip.

Claire’s eviction was 4-1, with Hannah giving her more or less a sympathy vote. She had NO interest in sticking around, as she ended up walking out without any huge farewell with huge. She DID call out Xavier in her speech, but she also gave a classy message after the fact to Julie. As it turns out, she holds no ill will towards Tiffany (not a surprise).

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Are you going to miss Claire being a part of Big Brother 23?

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