Survivor 41 spotlight: Is Erika Casupanan a winner candidate?

Erika CasupananIn today’s Survivor 41 spotlight we’re taking a look at Erika Casupanan, someone who you should seriously consider to be a potential winner. She’s the sort of player who could be routinely underestimated out there, only to stab you in the back later on in the season.

So what makes her stand out, and potentially gives her an edge over some of the other places? There are a few different things worth getting into here.

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What stands out about her – First and foremost, we like that she’s worked as a communications manager — she knows how to tell people what they want or need to hear at a given moment. She’s also old enough at 32 to have a decent amount of life experience and to relate to people both younger and older than her. She’s really into boxing and fitness, so she should hold her on in challenges — even if she is one of the smaller players out there. The best thing about her, though, is that she’s willing to take risks — she quit her job before coming out to play, and we think that she’ll be willing to take risks within the game.

What could hold her back? – Is it possible that she just gets put on the tribe with the wrong people? Maybe, or she could come out of the gate a little too strong. Sometimes being underestimated can lead to you having a drive to prove people wrong and in a game like Survivor, you never want to do that too overtly. It can paint a big target on your back.

In general, though, we really don’t think that Erika has that many weaknesses that stand out right away; she’s coming into the game with a lot going for her.

Our personal pre-season assessment

So long as she can balance making moves with subtle gameplay, we really think Erika is a strong contender this season. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to win and we love that her all-time favorite player is Todd Herzog. Just on the basis of that alone she recognizes that there are a lot of different ways to win Survivor and she can dominate in an underdog role. Watch out for her this season; odds are, you won’t be disappointed.

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