Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Planning the next eviction

Big Brother 23We’d be surprised if there is a whole lot of major Big Brother 23 live feed activity over the next 48 hours. While Claire may campaign a little here and there, she’s a smart enough player to probably know most people have made up their minds already. She just hopes that they’ve made up their minds in her favor. Xavier is a huge threat and if the Cookout wasn’t a thing, there’s a good chance that he would be evicted this week.

Unfortunately for her, the Cookout is a thing, and it’s going to be hard for her to have the needle move at all in her favor.

New Big Brother 23 video! Yesterday, we talked about both the Veto Ceremony and also Tiffany telling Claire at least part of the truth. Be sure to watch that below and after the fact, remember to SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube. There are some other updates coming that you don’t want to miss.

With the eviction plan for the week settled a lot of people are starting to look ahead; they may not know that Thursday is a Double Eviction but that shouldn’t impact the boot order. So long as Alyssa does not win the next Head of Household, she is going to be the next one to get the boot.

But what if she does win it? Who would be the target then? Based on a conversation with Derek it sounds like Tiffany and Kyland would be her nominees and ultimately, that makes sense. Neither Derek nor Azah are altogether threatening and beyond just that, Alyssa has a new final two deal with Hannah that she formed a couple of days ago. Alyssa is still reasonably unaware of the Cookout, and she probably feels safer than she really should be in the near future. She knows some people may be after her, but not necessarily the whole house.

Of course, we’ll keep monitoring the feeds in case there are any big changes coming — view one of our other recent updates over at the link here.

After Alyssa and Claire go, who do you think should be the next Big Brother 23 target?

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