Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet Eric Abraham, cyber security analyst

Survivor, Eric AbrahamWhen we read up on Eric Abraham for this Survivor 41 spotlight, one of our first reasons was this: Casting did a great job finding interesting people this go-around! Eric seems like a surprisingly normal person in comparison to some people we’ve seen over the years — he’s a 51-year old cyber security analyst who lives in San Antonio, and he seems to be an overall positive person with a real thirst for live and taking advantage of opportunities.

Will he be able to take advantage of this chance to win the title of Sole Survivor? That’s a complicated question to answer, but we’re going to do our part within this piece!

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What stands out about him – Eric is the oldest guy on this season, so that could serve as a double-edged sword. He will have a lot of life experience and wisdom, but will he be looked at as a liability? We doubt it. He looks as though he’s in great physical shape and as a father, he should be able to relate to some of the younger cast members. We like that he seems to be multifaceted as a person: He’s thoughtful, cares for others, and also strives for the best out of himself. We think he’s a positive person who won’t be rattled by the game.

What could hold him back? – Is Eric going to be almost too kind? We could ultimately see him becoming a threat just because his personality could allow him to make a lot of friends. His only other issue may come early in the game; he strongly dislikes people who are condescending, so we could imagine him clashing with people who take on a leadership role or tend to boss some other players around. We don’t think he’s the sort of person who will blend into the background.

Our personal pre-season assessment

It’s always hard to judge a person based on a limited bio / video footage, but we like Eric a lot on paper. He’s the sort of guy who should handle the rigors of the game all right and be a valuable asset in camp, both physically and in terms of morale. He’s a great person to keep until the merge, but he may face a little more trouble at that point.

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