Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet David Voce, neurosurgeon and longtime fan

Survivor 41 - David VoceOut of some of the bios that we’ve read leading up to the premiere of Survivor 41it feels like David Voce is among the biggest fans we’ve got. He name-drops Todd Herzog, Cirie Fields, and Kelley Wentworth among others, and he clearly understands what constitutes a good player and what doesn’t.

Of course, understanding the game and then playing it are two completely different things, and that is something we look to dive more into within this particular spotlight article.

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What stands out about him – David is a 35-year old neurosurgeon living in Chicago and he has an emotional backstory. After losing his father at an early age to brain cancer, he took on this career hoping to help other people who are suffering from the same condition. In order to be a neurosurgeon at his age you have to be not only highly intelligent, but also determined, focused, and have a great attention to detail. He knows this game backwards and forwards and wants to combine the aggressiveness of a Russell Hantz with the strategic nuance of a Cirie or a Todd. He feels like he has a great ability to connect with people; he doesn’t fit in to that unfortunate stereotype of doctors as either know-it-alls or people who become hollow to their patients.

What could hold him back? – As impressive as his backstory is, David has a decision to make when it comes to playing that up. People forget that med school is expensive and often assume doctors automatically have a ton of money; he will also encounter preconceived notions that he is arrogant or always knows best. He does describe himself as “stubborn,” so he will need to know how to be laid-back in the game and also wear all of his emotions on his if someone isn’t doing what he wants.

Our personal pre-season assessment

If his social game is anywhere near as good as he thinks it could be, David is someone to watch this season. He seems to be athletic enough, but not so athletic that he’s an instant target. We like that he understands the need for aggressive gameplay, but also that jury management is important. He’s got a better handle on the game than almost anyone this season, but given all of the changes in season 41 (as discussed in that video), we don’t even know how much that helps him.

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