Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Some of Zingbot’s best zings

ZingbotSure, there is a Power of Veto Competition happening today in Big Brother 23but is the main event the return of Zingbot? Going into the competition, we didn’t think that the competition itself would change all that much this week; we had a little more hope for something unpredictable from our favorite reality TV robot. (Sorry, Sam’s week one twist from Big Brother 20.)

So did Zingbot live up to expectations this year? We’ll break down what we know below! (Obvious, there are spoilers ahead, and we’ll update them as we go. Remember that hearing jokes secondhand rarely makes the punchline look good.)

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Here’s the thing we the word “best” in the title — what constitutes “best”? It’s always in the eye of the beholder and, in general, this is a harder season to zing people since most of the players left haven’t been overly mocked in the edit. Zingbot made a Florida – Sunshine State joke about how Alyssa was “dim,” which she didn’t seem to apparently get at first. Meanwhile, Xavier was referred to as arrogant and Zingbot acted as though Hannah didn’t exist — which probably just helps her, if we’re being honest.

Apparently, there was also something said about Azah and Xavier — it probably has to do with her having an unrequited crush on him, but the exact wording is not currently clear. Claire’s zing was about her having big feet, which is weird because we don’t think that’s been mentioned once on the entire season.

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What do you think about the Big Brother 23 zings courtesy of Zingbot?

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