The Blacklist season 9: When to expect a premiere synopsis

The BlacklistIf you love The Blacklistisn’t now a time for great celebration? We’re a mere matter of days away from filming! Even though we won’t see the premiere for another month and a half, that doesn’t slow down any of the hype that we’ve got in our head.

So as we wait for the cameras to start rolling, we’re also eager to think about the show’s promotional timeline. When could we get the premiere synopsis, or potentially some other great stuff that comes with it?

New The Blacklist video! Yesterday, we broke down the chances of there being a time jump moving into season 9, plus what that could mean for Agnes. Be sure to watch that below! After you do that, SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube — we post new discussions every Tuesday and Friday and we don’t want you to miss those. The same goes for any of our other coverage on the show.

One of the things we’ve learned from NBC over time is that when it comes to its synopses/photos, they tend to operate like clockwork. They typically will release details for upcoming episodes anywhere from 2-3 weeks in advance, and we tend to think it will be the same here for The Blacklist season 9. With the show return on October 21, prepare to get some information on the premiere the first week of October. Maybe it’s around then we could see the official key art, as well.

So what about a first-look promo? We’re definitely hoping that this is something we’ll be able to check out at around that time, if not the week later; since The Blacklist isn’t a monster hit for NBC these days, we don’t get the sense that they are going to rush anything along here.

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What are you most hoping for when it comes to The Blacklist season 9?

What direction do you think the premiere will take us in? Share any and all of your theories and hopes below! After that, remember to keep coming back for other updates that you do not want to miss. (Photo: NBC.)

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