Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 9 (Zingbot) Veto players

As you prepare for the arrival of Zingbot in the Big Brother 23 house later today, why not check out the Veto players? Six people have the opportunity to take part this time around, which means only two are going to be left out.

We noted going into today that the craziest possible situation would be Claire winning the Power of Veto — Tiffany is Head of Household and yesterday, she nominated Alyssa and Xavier. If Claire won and saved Alyssa, it would force a Cookout member to go to jury. (For the record, we also noted this was highly unlikely since Claire and Tiffany are super-close.) The Cookout is one of the best alliances ever and we want to see someone in that group win; we just want some drama along the way.

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Ultimately, we can put the fanfiction pen away here since there’s no chance of Claire winning the Veto: She wasn’t picked! Joining Tiffany, Xavier, and Alyssa in the competition are Azah, Hannah, and Derek. This means that Kyland and Claire are the two sitting out. This is a pretty good draw for the nominees, not that Xavier really needs to win in the first place. Even if Alyssa wins, Tiffany will have to make the super-tough decision and put up Claire. She’ll recognize that if she saves Claire now, it creates a situation where the entirety of the Cookout targets her moving forward and that’s a bad position to be in close to the end of the game. She may not know a double eviction is coming right away, but she’s a big enough fan to know there’s going to be one soon.

With the Veto players picked so early, odds are the comp will be taking place this afternoon.

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