Survivor 41 spotlight: Meet Brad Reese, Wyoming Rancher

Brad ReeseJust in case we needed Survivor 41 to have its version of a character from Yellowstone, we’ve got it in Brad Reese! He is a 50-year old rancher from Wyoming, and we already think he’s going to be an interesting person to watch this season. He comes from a world where maybe he doesn’t interact with as many people as he’s going to out on the show — how will he fare in this environment?

Before we go further, remember that Survivor 41 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, September 22; we’re also going to be here to spotlight a new contestant every single day until we’ve looked at the entire cast.

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What stands out about him – Being a rancher, it goes without saying that Brad is the sort of guy who’s going to have no problem weathering the conditions that go with being on this show. We never doubt that a guy in his profession will be valuable when it comes to manual labor around camp. He’s someone who can be relied upon and odds are, you’re going to know to some extent where he stands. Older contestants in general also have a tendency to be a little less conniving. (He compares himself to Boston Rob, but we honestly don’t see it — he does say that he has fantastic social skills, but we just can’t see him communicating the same way.)

What could hold him back? – Brad is a father of four kids, so will that help him relate to the younger contestants? We’re just not sure. We have to wait and see how much he’ll be willing to lie, , and steal out there in the game, and we’re also just unsure how he will fare with other people who maybe don’t view hard work at camp the same way as him. He says in his bio that he’s patient, but that will be put to the test out there.

Our personal pre-season assessment

Brad is a guy who could go out early if he rubs some people at his tribe the wrong way, but we could also see him going pretty far with the right alliance. We don’t think he’ll be the sort of physical threat that makes him a target at the merge, but we’re still not sure that he has the killer instinct that is often necessary to win in the modern game.

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