Here’s your ‘Dexter’ season 8 alternate timeline…

DexterIf Abed Nadir was a character on “Dexter,” we’re pretty sure that he would have walked through the final scene of season 7 and proclaimed it to be the “darkest timeline.” Did things really have to end up the way that they did, with Hannah McKay trying to kill Deb and with Dexter’s sister being put into a situation where she either had to kill her own brother or her own boss in LaGuerta? Had some different decisions been made for some of these characters, we could have had an ending where Hannah and Dexter were still together, LaGuerta was still alive and was through pursuing the Bay Harbor Butcher case, and Deb could have gone about her day-to-day life without being forced to make a choice with a gun in her hands.

With this in mind, we present the following behind-the-scenes photo from Jennifer Carpenter, who in real life obviously seems to get along with her on-screen adversary played by Yvonne Strahovski.

Jennifer CarpenterIn a new post on Twitter, Carpenter shared the photo to the left along with this rather hilarious caption (and the creepy photobomb by the guy in the back):

“I think this is a shot from an alternate ending where Hanna and Deb make nice and decide to friend e/o on Facebook.”

As much as we joked about alternate timelines earlier, we really could not see a scenario where these two parties would get along as long as Hannah is what she is: a murderer. After all, Deb would resent her for taking away Dexter even if she never was responsible for the death of Sal Price. You would have to go back to the very beginning to change the fabric of who Hannah is for the two to get along; and if you did that, Dexter would lose what he identified with when it comes to Hannah in the first place. How would he identify with her then?

Regardless of what could have been, we know what is; and what is also likely is that Strahovski will be back in some capacity during season 8. We’ll have more on this subject soon, but for now be sure to head over here in order to vote on who you think is better for Dexter: Hannah, Lumen, or someone else.

Photo: Showtime

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