Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Alyssa’s early campaign

Alyssa Lopez - Big BrotherFrom the outside looking in, it’s abundantly clear at the moment that Alyssa is the target this week in Big Brother 23There is basically no other way around it.

Yet, we’ll at least give her some credit this morning for trying to turn things around, especially given how last night, it felt like she was ready to throw in the towel. (Remember that this is a long game and she was probably just really frustrated in the moment.) We’ve already seen her have a conversation with Tiffany today and on another season, her argument would probably make a lot of sense.

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Ultimately, here is the pitch that Alyssa put out there to stick around this week: She promised Tiffany that if she won the next HoH, she would target someone other than Tiffany/Claire, largely whoever she wanted her to go after. She also made it clear she’d be happy to see Kyland gone and also suggested that she’d be easy to beat in the end. Alyssa’s not wrong — she has been almost a zero other than winning a couple of things here and there. She hasn’t led the way strategically and was distracted for weeks after Christian’s eviction.

The problem is that Tiffany’s got a clear goal: Get the Cookout to the final six. She’s even made it clear that if she has to nominate Claire this week, she’ll nominate Claire … though that’s not likely to happen. There is a crazy scenario where Claire wins the Veto, saves Alyssa, and forces a Cookout member to go home, but that’s really unlikely to happen. It’s almost fanfiction at this point.

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