‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6, episode 12 preview: [Spoiler] comes back

The Higgs Boson ObservationYou knew it was only a matter of time before Sheldon’s assistant Alex became a true problem child on “The Big Bang Theory,” and based on the new promo for Thursday night’s all-new episode, it looks as though this time is now. She knows, after all, that Leonard and Penny are dating, but she for whatever reason is still making the conscious choice to have her feelings for Johnny Galecki’s character be abundantly clear.

So what is Leonard going to do about it? That’s a great question. Considering how angry Penny is in the promo, we have a feeling that her boyfriend must have broken the news to her that he was asked out. This guy has a habit of being rather oblivious to things, but even he cannot deny something of this magnitude. As a response to this, Penny of course busts out plenty of scowls and threats to do something major moving forward.

Of course, there is also another pretty valid question worth asking here: where in the world did Leonard get that giant game of Jenga, and wouldn’t pieces that large stay together pretty easily? (Of course, this is the sort of question that most of the show’s male characters would act.) While Leonard may act offended that there are two women both chasing after him, he also admits that there is a part of him that is seriously loving every second of it. What he may not realize here, on the flip side, is that the longer he strings this out and does absolutely nothing about it, then the higher the odds are of him going from in a relationship to having no one at all.

Do you think Leonard takes care of the Alex problem this week? If you want to read our critique about what “The Big Bang Theory” is doing wrong with Raj at the moment, you can do so over at the link here.

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