‘Glee’ season 4 debate: What pairings would we like to see?

GleeIf there is one thing that “Glee” fans have shown an appreciation for over the years, it’s for finding ways to hook up characters that you did not see coming. After all, who anticipated Brittany and Sam hooking up this year, or that weird love triangle with Artie, Sugar, and Rory during season 3 that still has gone utterly nowhere?

With this in mind, we wanted to take a moment before the show resumes production in the new year to try and pick out some unusual pairings on the show that could happen in the new year based on the evidence that we have. What’s our criteria here? It’s really rather simple: we’re not changing anyone’s sexual orientation, and we are working within some sort of frame of realism based off of the evidence given to us on the show already.

Sugar and Joe – Sugar’s romantic storylines never went anywhere last year, and Samuel Larsen’s character has seemingly missed out now on Quinn Fabray fully despite the two seeming like they could have been a good match for each other at one point. Therefore, couldn’t these two work something out if they are actually ever given any screen time?

Tina and Artie – Couldn’t these two revisit some old territory soon? They have spent plenty of time together lately, and while there is also a contingent of people thinking that Tina and Mike Chang are going to get back together, that is a little more difficult given that they are in separate states.

Sam and Kitty – Think about it: Sam previously tried to frame Quinn, and based on the fact that Brittany never really wanted to break up with Santana to begin with, you have to think that these two are not quite done just yet. Plus, seeing upperclassmen get together with younger students is a bit of a school tradition, and it hasn’t been explored fully on the show yet.

Blaine and Karofsky – If Kurt gets a new boyfriend at NYADA, Blaine will eventually have to move on; and while Max Adler’s character is likely graduated, he could still be floating around Ohio.

Jake and Lauren – Okay, this is more just for comedy. After all, Ashley Fink is returning for an episode … and we already know that she has been through one Puckerman already.

Are there any unusual “Glee” couples that you want to see happen? If you want to read more about the future of an actual relationship on the show in Will and Emma, you can do so over here.

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