Lucifer season 6 spoilers: Show EP teases animated episodes

LuciferOne of the more delightful revelations that came out of the Lucifer season 6 trailer is that there is an animated episode coming — in other words, the perfect sort of thing to be excited about in advance.

For a lot of shows out there, an idea like this could feel overly campy and/or exploitative. Here’s the thing about Lucifer, though — the show exists in a world where the writers can do almost anything that they want. They have that sort of creative license and you can play around with something like this beyond just making it into a gimmick.

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So how did this idea really come about? As it turns out, there was a practical reason for making some of these characters into cartoons — even if it was just for a short period of time. In an interview with Collider leading into the new season, here is what co-showrunner Joe Henderson had to say:

“I just didn’t think I’d actually get to [do something like this], because it’s just such an undertaking. But it was [the pandemic] and we were looking for ways to have fewer days on set. And so the problem became the opportunity, because I secretly had been wanting to do it for years.”

Henderson also noted that Harley Quinn supervising producer Jennifer Coyle led the way on the animated story alongside the team of animators from that show — which feels perfect when you think about it. Both series have a dark and twisted sense of humor, and you’re also keeping things within the Warner Bros. umbrella. It’s probably so much easier to pull a feat like this off when you have animators available to you where you don’t have to jump through that many hoops.

Lucifer season 6 premieres on September 10 on Netflix — we’re only two weeks away! You can get more news about it by visiting the link here.

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