Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 8 nominations!

The week 8 nominations were made this morning in the Big Brother 23 house, not that there’s anything altogether surprising about them.

On last night’s episode we saw Tiffany win Head of Household and soon after that, it was clear that Sarah Beth would be her target. For weeks now Tiffany’s had a plan for each member of the Cookout to be close to different people, and then over time some of those side players would be targeted. It happened with Britini (Azah’s person) and then this past week, it happened with Hannah’s person in Derek X. Now, Kyland’s close ally is like to be heading out.

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Tiffany nominated Sarah Beth and Kyland for eviction and technically, Xavier is also on the block because of his Veto punishment from last week. If Sarah Beth stays up, she goes — it’s as simple as that. Kyland’s honestly a more dangerous player at the end of the game, especially since Derek X. likes him and he’s got a lot of competition wins. Yet, the Cookout has made it their goal from the beginning to end up as the final six and they’ve been playing that beautifully this whole time.

If Sarah Beth wins Veto, we could see something happen when it comes to Alyssa going on the block. As of right now, it feels easy to guess that either Sarah Beth, Alyssa, or (if something crazy happens) Claire will leave this week. The only weird scenario would be Alyssa winning Veto and saving Sarah Beth, which feels unlikely.

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