‘Curiosity: Sun Storm’ review: Lighting up the sky

CuriosityWhat is a solar super storm, and what can the world do to prepare for the next one? These are questions that the majority of people around the globe have no concise answer to, and thus this is something that “Curiosity” is hoping to open up some conversation about when it comes to their latest special, subtitled “Sun Storm,” airing on Sunday night.

While this episode is in particular going to cater to anyone who loves science, meteorology, or even just outer space, it may have the most in common with the recent “Curiosity” special all about studying volcanoes more so than anything else Discovery has put out this fall. The basic purpose of this special is fundamentally rather simple: to enlighten and educate on a phenomenon that could potentially be dangerous, though it is something that very few people concern ourselves with. The sun is so massive that even the slightest change to it would impact the entire solar system, and perhaps in many ways we take advantage of just how valuable it is.

From the production standpoint, this episode of “Curiosity” is top-notch whether it be through the use of its virtual sun to the panel of experts speaking out about the object. Even if you are unfamiliar with the phrase “sun storm,” the odds are greater that you are more familiar with sunspots: what is particularly well-done here is that the audience is not just immediately thrust into the more complicated subject matter, and instead we have an opportunity to slowly build into the more challenge (but dangerous) concepts introduced.

If there is a negative here, it is only when it comes to what you are hoping to get out of Sunday-evening entertainment. This is not one of those specials themed around a controversial or theoretical concept, and therefore it’s not something that you are likely to go out and start debating with your friends. However, anyone who doesn’t mind subject matter that is a bit more information-based should find something here worth enjoying in the midst of what has been a new programming gap due to the Christmas holiday.

The special in full airs Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time. If you want to check out some reviews of some other “Curiosity” specials, all you have to do is visit the story over here.

Photo: Discovery

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