Yellowstone season 4: Just how ambitious is 1883 spin-off series?

y: 1883In the event that you did not know, the Yellowstone prequel series 1883 is currently in the midst of production! It kicked off recently in the Dallas / Forth Worth area, and we’ve also heard about two new cast members recently in Isabel May and LaMonica Garrett.

We knew that this show was going to be big — it has to be in order to justify all the hype and being an extension of the Yellowstone brand. What was not as clear was just how big we’re ultimately talking about here.

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According to a new report from Deadline, the Paramount+ spin-off is actually going to have a larger budget on average than Yellowstone itself. There are thirty covered wagons being built for the show, which is all about the origin story of the Duttons in Montana — the show will chronicle a long journey for them chock full of struggles every step of the way.

Speaking to the aforementioned publication, show executive producer and 101 Studios CEO David Glasser made it clear just how the process of creating this show came about:

“They came to Taylor early on, and described how they wanted to build the streaming service by putting some incredible content on the air, and Taylor said, ‘I have it. I want to do the prequel to the Duttons but this is going to be a big epic huge show.’ They didn’t blink. They’re really going for it, making shows that tell big stories. They’re very serious about what they want the streaming service to be and what will define it. I think there is a huge audience that is going to want to be part of Taylor’s shows.”

Now, the big thing that Paramount+ has to hope for is that people subscribe to the platform to check this out. It could very well be the most ambitious series they have, but we know that it can be tough sometimes to convince people to pay for a service they don’t already have. This show sounds like it will be worth the wait, but the audience is really the final judge on this.

Be prepared for Yellowstone season 4 to be a huge promotional vessel for 1883 — there may not be direct crossovers, but we’re still imagining promotion aplenty linking the two.

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