‘Girls’ season 2 spoilers: Catch up on Hannah, Marnie’s stories before premiere

GirlsJust in case it has been a while since you watched the first season of “Girls” (which implies that you did not spend the holiday season watching at least four episodes within the span of one day like *ahem* some other people), HBO is giving you a prime opportunity right now to remind yourself of just what every single one of the four female leads has been through leading up to the show’s January 13 premiere.

The four videos below catch you back up on the stories of Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna as they each paved the way for what is going to be coming next for them. Speaking on that subject, each clip also gives us a little bit of a tease at the story that is coming up ahead, whether it is Marnie meeting up with her mother or another delightful moment between Hannah and Adam (who we argue is still the best part of this show, since he is in many ways the anti-Mr. Big).

Granted, this is a show in which everyone has an opinion, and there is no telling if Lena Dunham is going to listen to any of them. With that in mind, we present you with this: we want Adam and Hannah to be involved somehow in each other’s lives moving forward, we want Shoshanna to lose her mind a little bit more, and we also want to try and understand more why Jessa chose to spontaneously marry in the season finale a man who she was last seen screaming at over an awkward threesome attempt at his swanky apartment. Finally, we want to see Charlie and Marnie together eventually … but not anytime soon. These two still have plenty of growing up to do.

Do you want to find out some more early “Girls” season 2 scoop? If so, all you have to do is venture over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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