Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 8 promo: Could J leave?

Animal KingdomAs we all prepare ourselves for Animal Kingdom season 5 episode 8 to arrive on TNT, our advice is fairly simple: Prepare for drama at around every turn.

At the conclusion of this past new episode, it was clear that there is a lot of danger all around the Cody Boys — and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Are these guys going to finally break apart more than they have so far? In a lot of ways, it feels inevitable.

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The promo below for “Gladiators” feels like the most eventful one we’ve seen for the show so far, largely because so many long-simmering things are finally coming to a head. These are guys who all have massive egos and each individually think that they are rulers of the kingdom; that’s not actually the case. It would probably benefit them to figure out who’s the true leader at the end of the season — if they don’t, it’s probably going to be SO much harder to get jobs!

As for what else is going to happen, there are a couple of things at the top of our wishlist right now — we’re hoping that there’s a chance to see a little bit more of Pope around the guys soon (it does seem like it’s happening, though J is now threatening to leave).

Also, is it too much to ask that the flashbacks be a little bit more relevant to what’s going on in the story in the present? If we’re going to have them (and it feels like we are), it’d be nice to see them matter a little bit more.

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