‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 spoilers: What lies ahead for the rest of the season?

Hart of DixieThe one thing viewers can count on when it comes to “Hart of Dixie” is that there will be plenty of romance, in fact season 2 has been all about the romance and not really about anything else.  In season one we had some romantic plots, but the plots seemed to deal with deeper issues then just blossoming love, unlike season 2 which is all about new relationships.  We’ve got Zoe and Wade, George and Tansy, Lavon and Ruby, heck even Brick has had two romances this season, the only person that hasn’t had a relationship this season is Lemon, which was actually nice to see considering she just got out of an engagement.

So what lies ahead for the rest of season 2 when it comes to everyone and their relationships? Well we know that Ruby is moving away to Dallas in the New Year and after Lavon lied to her about having a past relationship with Lemon it’s unlikely that she’s going to want to work things out in the future. While many hoped that Ruby leaving would open a pathway for Lemon and Lavon to get together it looks like that’s not going to happen, at least not until he stops blaming her for ruining his relationship with Ruby (even though he’s the one that lied to Ruby in the first place).

Since leaving Lemon, George has been rebounding like crazy. First he tried to hook up with Zoe, and now he’s having a romance with Tansy.  George just seems a little lost this season and it would be nice to see something else happen with him then just jumping from woman to woman.  As for Zoe and Wade, they finally decided to commit to one another and try an actual relationship, but when Brick’s young cousin, Jonah, comes into town he will push all of Zoe’s buttons the wrong way – and possibly the right way too. Is there trouble to Zoe and Wade already? Seems to be headed that way, which is a real shame since their relationship has really just begun and there are so many fun story lines the show could go with before bringing in more love interests.  Haven’t we had enough love on this show already?

If you’re curious to learn more about Jonah and what role he’ll play in Zoe’s life, be sure to check out our story about that here.

Photo: CW

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