Dexter season 9: Michael C. Hall talks future beyond ‘New Blood’

Dexter New BloodWe know that Dexter season 9 is coming to Showtime this November in the form of Dexter: New Blood. With that being said, will this really be it for the series? Is there a legitimate chance at a season 10 after the fact?

Before we go any further, we should of course acknowledge how ridiculous it is to even want another season right now. We never even thought that we’d get a season 9! It’s just a part of our human nature as a long-term TV viewer to want more of a good thing, especially since the original series ended so poorly. The more chances at redemption we have here, the happier we’ll be … though this is assuming that New Blood is actually good.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to be getting much of a clear answer on a season 10 / anything else for a good while. Here is what series star Michael C. Hall had to say in an interview with Collider after being asked about the future:

In the interest of not revealing anything by answering that question definitively, I won’t answer it.

Where we land on this

Mind you, this is just our opinion: We have a hard time foreseeing Showtime being okay with Dexter Morgan dying unless they know 100% that Hall has no interest in playing the character again. So long as there’s a chance for more story, they will leave the door slightly open. Given how popular the original Dexter was, we still think that a season 10 could be in play, even if there’s no guarantee it happens at any point in the near future.

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What do you think: Should we be thinking about anything beyond Dexter season 9?

Be sure to let us know right now in the attached comments. We’ll have more updates coming soon enough. (Photo: Showtime.)

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