The Good Fight season 5 episode 10 (finale) preview: How can it end?

Next week on The Good Fight season 5 episode 10 we’re going to reach the end of the road — at least for now. We know that there’s another season coming beyond this one, but there has to be an element of closure here.

So how in the world do you tie up what we’ve got going on this summer? That’s a difficult question to answer, mostly because The Good Fight has become such a fascinating show to examine. It’s hard to imagine it existing in the same wavelengths at times as The Good Wife, especially as it’s adopted more and more satirical elements. Where we are right now with the kangaroo court and private-prison storyline is so far out of left field that we’ve left the field entirely. Is it totally unbelievable? Maybe, but so is much of reality at this point. You can make an argument that the show is pushing us to suggest that our own truth is SO much stranger than fiction.

Of course, with the finale you do still need to find a way to ground the story around these characters. You can continue to shoot the story straight out into outer space, but eventually, isn’t it important that the metaphorical ship hits the Earth again? We like to think so.

As for whether or not there will be some sort of cliffhanger at the end of the season, we like to think that it’s possible. We’re just happy that there is some sort of proper end to this season. Remember that season 4 tied things up in a haphazard way, mostly because they were forced to due to the pandemic.

What do you most want to see when it comes to The Good Fight season 5 episode 10?

Is there a way for the finale to sort of explain away much of the past few episodes? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to stick around — there are more updates coming on the show that we don’t want you to miss.

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