American Horror Stories finale: Is Murder House gone for good?

American Horror StoriesThe American Horror Stories finale delivered this week the show’s most meta storyline ever — and also one that was rather confusing.

So what are we supposed to make of it after the fact? Should anything from this episode be taken seriously? It we are at least meant to buy into the final scene, it could mean that the Murder House as we know it is now gone for good.

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Here is how we are interpreting the confusing meta-storyline throughout: The bulk of what we saw was the video game, save for a few scenes where the mother was getting some “suggestions” from the son. The Murder House clearly exists within the real world in this episode, which almost makes it feel like American Horror Story itself is a documentary more than a work of fiction.

In the game, we saw Murder House get destroyed by a fire — and to some extent, that may have happened in the real world. Was it a fire that took it down? Not necessarily, but it’s clear that the mother is living in one of the condos that we saw Scarlett and Ruby in at the conclusion of the game. So unless the real-life condo is actually elsewhere and our resident programmer modeled the Murder House replacement after it (unlikely), we have to assume that the house is now gone … and with it comes potentially the end of Murder House as a plot point.

If this is the end of it, it’s certainly a bummer — how do you say goodbye to such an iconic part of franchise history without Evan Peters, Connie Britton, or Jessica Lange? Sure we had Jamie Brewer and Dylan McDermott, but that only goes so far.

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What do you make of the American Horror Stories finale?

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