Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Derek X. states his case

Derek Xiao - Big BrotherTomorrow night on Big Brother 23 the first member of the jury will be named, and at this point, it’s pretty clear who that is going to be.

Despite whatever campaigning Britini decides to do in the game today, she is almost certainly going to be voted out. The big question is by what margin. We do think Azah wants to throw a vote her way, but whether or not she’ll be able to depends on how all of the non-Cookout members vote. Theoretically, the only drama we’re going to have this week is if Azah and everyone not in the Cookout votes to evict Derek F. — if that happens, he actually is sent out! There’s also a chance that the Cookout could be exposed via the numbers, and they have to work to schmooze and make sure no craziness happens today.

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One of the variables there is keeping Derek X. from getting anyone on board with keeping Britini. He’d rather she stay, which he explained to Xavier this morning. He views her as a target that can be used in the future — meanwhile, Derek F. is someone who could be a pawn at any point. If you’re Derek X., you want as many other targets in the game as possible since you’ve won so many competitions. (Technically, he’ll still have Kyland and Xavier around, but they’re not going to be evicted before him pending some last-minute surprise.)

What probably reduces any drama this week is that Sarah Beth will likely do whatever Kyland wants — so long as that’s the case, Claire, Derek X., and Alyssa don’t have that much of a strategic leg to stand on. Worse-case scenario is that Azah votes to evict Derek F., those three join her, and Kyland breaks the tie.

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