The Boys season 3: Show EP on tackling enormous challenges

The BoysWe know that The Boys season 3 has the potential to be all sorts of fantastic. There are iconic storylines from the comics being adapted; not only that, but you will have a chance to see Jensen Ackles on board the story in the role of Soldier Boy. He’s an iconic comic-book hero in this world, someone who was one of the original celebrity superheroes all the way back in World War II.

Odds are, the upcoming season is going to be chaotic, entertaining, and stuffed full of jaw-dropping moments. A show like this is always going to be tough to get together, but according to creator Eric Kripke, the cast and crew are currently going through one of the most difficult filming periods to date.

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In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kripke did his best to detail what is being done to make this show in a global pandemic, including all of the different challenges meeting what viewer expectation is after such a big season 2:

It’s by a mile the toughest production year of my life. There’s not any one thing; it’s a million problems. And probably to the irritation of some of my benefactors, my attitude from the beginning has been no creative compromises. The audience will not grade us on a curve. They will not say it’s OK that it’s not quite as good as the second season because, gosh, it sure was hard to make. We have to make sure the audience never knows the difference. But behind the scenes, everything’s different. The amount of work we can get done in a day, the amount of crowds we can put in the background, how we travel from place to place — every single thing. It’s all slower and harder and takes longer. It’s been really, really challenging. The crew, to their credit, have been champs — they’ll wear their masks for 14 hours a day, every day.

There’s a real awareness to what Kripke is saying here — he knows that five or ten years from now people will still be finding The Boys. They aren’t going to know or understand what was shot during a health crisis. Everything has to be big, bold, crazy, and compelling. Here’s to hoping the team pulls it off.

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