Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 5: Malcolm Howard is Kanan’s dad

Howard - Power Book III: Raising KananWe anticipated that there would be a big twist coming on Power Book III: Raising Kanan episode 5 — it was just hard to assume that THIS is the twist we were getting.

At the conclusion of tonight’s episode, it was revealed that Detective Malcolm Howard could very well be the father of Kanan Stark. For the entirety of the show to date that was not the assumption; however, Howard getting Kanan’s birthday in questioning revealed that the kid was younger than he first realized. That meant that Kanan’s supposed father was actually incarcerated at the time he would have been conceived. There was no conjugal visit at the time, and it looked as though Raq was hiding something up her sleeve.

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When Howard confronted Kanan’s mom she hardly denied anything; instead, she just wanted him to stay away. Given her line of work Howard being Kanan’s father does make things incredibly messy, and could drastically change the course of this character’s life. We know that it doesn’t entirely given what happens to Kanan in Power itself, but it does complicate the picture in a lot of other ways.

One other thing that complicates things at present is the simple fact that Howard is dying and needs a bone-marrow donor. It’s possible that Kanan could be a match! Yet, it’s hard to get that information and even if he did, there’s no guarantee that Kanan would want to help save his life. This is a game-changer, and of course everything from here depends on what Howard is going to do next now that he has this information.

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