‘Anger Management’ season 2 spoilers: First photo of Charlie Sheen’s return

Anger ManagementJanuary 17 is turning out to be quite a day for new television. Not only are we going to see the return of programming on The CW, the second night of the “American Idol” premiere, and new episodes of shows all across the primetime lineup, but Charlie Sheen is going to be back in action with “Anger Management” over on FX. Not only that, but it will be doing so with an episode that features plenty of (you guessed it) anger.

The first episode back at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time is going to be entitled “Charlie Loses It at a Baby Shower,” and that in itself really seems to give you just about everything you absolutely need to know about this episode. We also have the first photo from the half-hour to the left, which suggests almost to us that Selma Blair’s Kate, despite not being a real girlfriend, is either accompanying Charlie to a baby shower or vice-versa. Not all expecting mothers like to have men at their baby shower (it’s similar to a bridal shower in that way), but no seems to have a problem with Sheen’s Charlie Goodson being there … for now.

We hope that the show eventually has a little more dimension beyond just one of the characters getting angry and making a scene, but the title makes it sound like this is really what we are going to get in this episode above anything else … though it feels a little weird to still say “vintage ‘Anger Management'” for a show that has not even been on the air for a full year. There is a rather interesting twist to talk about here pertaining to the television schedule on the 17th: Sheen’s show is airing immediately following “Two and a Half Men,” though on a different network away from CBS.

Are you excited for Charlie’s return to TV, or did you prefer seeing this show more in the summer against lesser competition? If you want to read some more details on the upcoming season, you can do so over here.

Photo: FX

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