Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Claire & Kyland’s ‘costume party’ (day 35)

Claire Rehfuss - Big BrotherIf you’re wondering about the state of strategy in the Big Brother 23 house today, not much has changed from where things were following the Veto Ceremony. Christian is now on the block versus Sarah Beth and based on the current vote tallies, Derek X. should get his wish. One of the biggest threats within the house may be sent packing before we even get to the jury phase of the game.

With that being said, let’s have a little discussion about costumes, shall we?

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Let’s start with Claire — or as we should call her now, the Duchess of the Deck. She is now sporting a costume that includes a tall hat and a giant playing card — she also must play a game of 52-card pick-up any time that she hears a signal. (52-card pick-up is of course the favorite game of people really upset that they just lost in Poker.)

Meanwhile, Kyland is now stuck wearing a donkey costume and must make club sandwiches whenever called to do so. These punishments give us a little bit of humor in the house, and help to at least spice things up in case nothing juicy happens campaign-wise. While we’ve seen Christian and Alyssa each try to save him in the game, we don’t think either one of them has made any traction in the house as of now. The one thing that is tricky is that houseguests are working so hard to throw Sarah Beth under the bus this week that the target could accidentally shift as a result of that.

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