Blue Bloods season 12: Should CBS mix up their promotion?

Blue Bloods season 12We’re here on another Blue Bloods Friday and, unfortunately, there is still no new episode of the show. We are now less than two months away from the CBS show coming back with new episodes, and we’re of course starting to think of ways to better hype it up.

Given that this is one of the network’s longest-lasting and most successful franchises, shouldn’t it be given some sort of priority in promotion? You’d like to think so, but that is probably not going to be the case. As a matter of fact, it’s almost never been the case. Within this piece, we’d like to at least present some suggestions — just in case the powers-that-be want to mix things up a little.

Here’s one thing that has long frustrated us with how CBS presents this show: They never bring anything new to the table insofar as cast photos or posters go. It feels like they’re still recycling a lot of the promo art from the first few seasons in different forms. We know that the health crisis made things more challenging last year, but could you figure something else out entering season 12? It’d be nice to see some promotion that better reflected what the show is now and included people like Eddie and characters like Baez and Anthony — they may not be in the family, but at least Baez has been to family dinner!

Given that Blue Bloods is an ensemble show, why not recognize that further?

Beyond just that, it’d be nice to see a trailer for the new season that lasted longer than 15 seconds, and one that set the stage thematically for what could be coming for each character. Take, for example, a challenging case for Danny, or Erin trying to find ways to cooperate with the new DA. Present something that really sets the stage for what the show is! That way, if you’re a new viewer, maybe you are enticed to give Blue Bloods a chance.

How do you think CBS could better set the stage for Blue Bloods season 12?

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(Photo: CBS.)

This article was written by Jess Carter.

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