Yellowstone season 4: Could the Duttons really lose the ranch?

There are so many different questions worth thinking about as we approach Yellowstone season 4 — and of course, the biggest ones have to do with the cliffhanger. Everyone wants to know whether John, Kayce, or Beth Dutton would die; yet, no matter how that story ties up, there is still going to be another storyline lingering around the corner.

What are we talking about here? Think in terms of whether or not the family could lose the beloved ranch to Market Equities or someone else.

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From the very start of Yellowstone, it was abundantly clear that land battles were going to be an enormous part of the show. We’ve seen John Dutton face off against Malcolm Beck, Dan Jenkins, and of course Roarke Morris, and it feels already like this is going to continue in season 4. Market Equities is going to have a larger role than ever, with their Big Boss deciding to get more directly involved in matters in Wyoming. They may pull some strings with the government and before you know it, the ranch could be good. Be prepared for this to be a looming threat almost throughout the season.

Is there a scenario where the Duttons actually lose the ranch? In all honesty, we could see it — it would put them in a position where they become the ultimate underdogs. While they may somewhat be in that spot now given who they are up against, they are still extremely wealthy and successful land owners. It’s a very different situation than they’d be in if someone manages to snatch most of the ranch away.

While we don’t necessarily see any of this as a chief narrative early on in season 4, keep it on your radar — there is a good chance it could surface down the road.

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