Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Tiffany’s latest plan (day 28)

Is Tiffany one of the best players in Big Brother 23It absolutely feels that way. She’s constantly thinking of ideas for the future and she’s playing hard — she’s actually a little similar to Vanessa from season 17 in that eventually, you think she’s going to get herself in big trouble. It just hasn’t happened yet.

So what is Tiffany thinking about now? Let’s just say that her new plan revolves mostly around Sarah Beth — and getting other people on board with it, as well.

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In a conversation with Azah this morning, Tiffany “accidentally” spilled that Sarah Beth is one of the next people she wants out of the game. She knows that she’s smart, and she’s also probably aware that this is someone who is a close number for Kyland. While Alyssa and Christian are targets, they are also shields that can be hidden behind for a little while longer in the game. Basically, Tiffany wants to eliminate people who could either figure out the Cookout or are coming for its members — and Sarah Beth is coming after Hannah.

Speaking of smart players, Tiffany’s also noted that her plan is to have Claire be one of the first people evicted until jury — note that Claire is safe until then thanks to the Wildcard Competition. She also does not want Derek X. to leave until after Christian does, as she’s hoping that the former will go after the latter at some point. Tiffany’s seemingly got a plan for everything and it’s great — but will it all work out? That’s what we have to wait and see on.

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