Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Did a future target shift?

Big Brother 23When it comes to this week in the Big Brother 23 house, just about everything looks crystal clear. Beyond that, though, is where things start to get a little bit more chaotic. There is no consensus target once Brent leaves the game, and it’s looking more and more like things are getting complicated.

Remember the whole Royal Flush alliance, one comprised of the Queens, the Kings, and Derek X.? That looks to be over in some way before it even gets really going. After all, today there was a conversation between Kyland and Tiffany, two members of the Queens, all about trying to eliminate a King from the game.

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Of course, these two realize that doing this is easier said than done. In their picture-perfect world, they would love to see someone from the Jokers win Head of Household; from there, they could be persuaded to nominate a Christian or an Alyssa. While it at first seemed like Alyssa was going to be more of the target, Christian winning the most-recent Veto (plus the first wildcard competition) is putting more of the heat on him, at least in the minds of Claire and Tiffany. This is someone who could win a lot of competitions later and people know that.

Is it a smart idea to eliminate Christian and/or Alyssa from the game? Absolutely, given that they are a strong showmance at this point and the longer they are together, the more powerful they will become in the game. With that being said, doing this isn’t going to be that easy if you don’t want to make the move yourself. We know that Whitney has been a target for next week, but there is some logic in also having her win the next HoH, target Christian/Alyssa, and then allow her to go the week after.

Once Brent is gone this Thursday, that’s when things will start to get messy — prepare accordingly.

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