The Bachelorette: Did Michael Allio eliminate himself on Katie’s season?

Michael The BacheloretteAre we done with Michael Allio on Katie Thurston’s season of The BacheloretteEntering tonight’s new episode, the previews hinted that this was a definite possibility, and for a pretty understandable reason.

Through all of this season, what we’ve learned about Michael is that he’s a widower and a single father. He’s done everything that he can to do right by his son, but clearly he’s struggling being away from him. We’ve seen a preview of his kid questioning whether or not his dad wants to be around him anymore, and we imagined that this is what caused him to reconsider being on the show.

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Did that turn out to be the case tonight? As it turns out, yes — it was exactly like so many of us expected. Michael didn’t want to leave, but he made it clear: He was doing it because of his son. It had nothing to do with Katie or his feelings for her. He couldn’t be half in the competition and half at home.

Katie was devastated to see him go — downright devastated. We’re not saying that she was going to choose him at the end of the show, but she made it clear that she saw him going to the end and that she had so many things that she wanted to say to him. She loved him, and we do think that he loved her. There’s a part of us that wonders if their story isn’t over … but there is still the rest of the season to play out.

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Do you think Michael made the right choice with Katie on The Bachelorette tonight?

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