Yellowstone season 4: Why can’t we have more than ten episodes?

The long wait continues for Yellowstone season 4 — there’s still no premiere date, and very few details on what’s next. We’re still waiting for photos, a trailer, or even some sort of official poster.

Since we are still in the process of waiting for the show to come back, why not have a discussion about episode count? This is a show that only does ten episodes a season, and why is that? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a larger dose of new episodes at one time?

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When you look at the cable TV landscape right now, it’s pretty darn clear that shows are trimming their episode orders more and more — the medium is becoming more cinematic! There are a few different reasons for this, with one being that smaller orders allow a show to tell a more contained story. It’s harder to have one single plotline stretch across 18-22 episodes, which is why shows like NCIS tend to be more procedural in nature. Yellowstone has more of a defined beginning, middle, and end — Taylor Sheridan either writes or co-writes all of the episodes. The guy has to sleep sometime! It’d be hard for him to write more.

One other reason why the ten-episode model works so well for this show is simple: The actor schedules. When you’ve got a landmark star like Kevin Costner on the show, it’s best to only have him film a few months out of the year. That enables him to still do a lot of other things. It’s the same reason why Viola Davis did shorter seasons of How to Get Away with Murder — you want to give big-name stars some options.

There’s still one more reason why this episode model works for viewers: It does leave us wanting more! Just think of how hyped we all are for what’s next!

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