Big Brother 23 live feed spoilers: Week 3 Wildcard Competition results

Big Brother 23The Wildcard Competition kicked off early on Friday in the Big Brother 23 house, and we were curious from the jump to learn what would happen as a result.

Entering the competition, it felt pretty clear that Head of Household Xavier was going to nominate Brent and Whitney — we knew that Brent would not even be eligible to compete this time around, so that made the situation even worse for him. Nonetheless, the winner here could earn power to shake up the game in a particular way … though Julie Chen didn’t exactly share a lot of specifics last night.

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Here’s what we can tell you right now — Tiffany won the competition! She faced off against Derek X. and Britini in the competition, and apparently Britini felt as though the other two targeted her in the competition and caused her to not do as well. She was emotional and felt ganged-up on; whatever twist there was in the competition, though, is one that Tiffany did not take. The game stays largely the same and technically, Tiffany is still vulnerable. She’s just not going to be nominated by Xavier this week.

For the record, Britini likely competed this week because she wanted to compete and she was just coming off the block — meanwhile, Derek X. was encouraged to represent his team to ensure that Whitney did not have a chance to win. Tiffany winning is a good scenario for everyone, and we’ll see who the nominations are when the ceremony happens a little bit later this week.

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